Angela Mera
Straight from Italy. ALL her pieces are stunning. She likes to use silks and chiffons that are machine washable with her blouses, tunics and dresses. Her taste may look high end but can be worn to to work or every day. I love the generous fits. Ladies this is where you can come down a size...Wait i'll say it again.... you go down a size!! Love it already.
Sizing XS - XXL.

Provides the latest leggings and cami's with the latest prints for the women who want a little bling in their life. My favorite piece is their cami/ slip. This is great for women older than 25 so they can wear their leggings and have their vajay-jay covered. Prices are fair.
Sizes 00 to Plus.

This small distribution company brings funky t-shirts and sweaters to us from around the world. These are fun to wear and you won't want to wait until they are out of the wash to wear them again. Prices starting just under the $50.00 mark.
Sizes S-XXL.

A proudly Canadian company that makes it all from reversible lace camisoles to t-shirts to dresses that can be worn either day or night. Prices for these pieces are affordable.
Sizes XS-XL.

ASM Fashions
They carry multiple labels such as Libra and are made in Canada. These pieces are great for casual and career wear. They are perfect for the women who like color and fabrics that flow. They even make easy to wear dresses for special functions as well as maxi dresses. Their pricing is affordable for todayís times. I LOVE IT!!
Sizes XS to Plus.

Made in California these cotton and linen dresses (and separates) are sure to impress. Even though they are converted from US dollars, you can't tell with their fantastic pricing.
Sizes XS to XL.

All of these casual and career pieces are made in Canada. They are easy to wear and easy to love. Affordable pricing that you will think we made a mistake.
Sizes 2-18.

BCNL Design
This companies mission is to cater to the fashionable woman by offering her their sleek and trendy collection that will meet her need to re-invent herself. Their whole collection is made in Canada and their prices are amazing!
Sizes XS to XXL.

Caribbean Pacific
This company only believes in making their tops, tunics, and dresses in beautiful cottons and chiffon flowy fabrications. Most of their dresses are even reversible! One day you are in the mood to wear a print to work of for play and the next week you want to wear a solid dress to a wedding. Pay for one and get two dresses. Now that's a great bang for your buck! This company is great for any garden wedding.
Sizing XS to XXL.

Clothes Out Trading
For the spring and summer months they have cotton and linen capris, pants and tops. In the fall and winter months their cotton sweaters and glorious wraps suit everyone's lifestyle. Their dresses are offered in solid colors or prints and are from their travel line. That means you can throw it in your suitcase and when it is time to get dressed for your event or wedding you can pull it out and "no wrinkles"! These dresses really can be worn from a bathing suit cover-up to work as well as any special occasion. This company is also very popular for their comfortable pull on cigarette pants. These fabulous pieces come at very affordable prices.
Sizes XS - Plus.

Coco Y Club
This line provides us with our cozy sweaters and tops in the winter months as well as our colorful separates for the rest of the year. The price is right with this collection; you will think we made a mistake with their prices. Have fun at no additional cost.
Sizes XS to XXL.

This little Canadian company likes to keep their beautiful styles hush hush. They do not have a website as they do not want any other companies to copy their fashion forward looks and their reasonable prices. Their dresses and matching shrugs can be worn to any work or play and also to any evening or day event including weddings.
Sizes S to XXL.

Elite Fine Imports This company has fun importing fashions from Europe at a discounted price. Anyone who has a European flair will love the items that come in from this line. Pricing is a little higher than most of our regular wear due to their high quality and current looks.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Euro Distribution
They sell the well-loved label 'Adrianna Papell' to dress women of all ages and silhouettes. The Adrianna Papell collection strives to dress every woman in style for all occasions. The brand is sophisticated, chic and alluring and provide pieces for both day and evening wear. They are focused on providing affordable luxury pieces for real women in today's age. The average retail price is mid-range at about $175.00.
Sizes 2-18.

Fashion Cage
A casual clothing company that follows all the latest trends. Their fits are on the contemporary side. It is a fun line to play with and with their low prices you can afford to play. Gift Craft is a casual company that likes comfort mixed with style. They sell tunics with matching sandals, maxi dresses and accessories such as fun hats and scarves. They always tell a story for you so it will be easy to mix and match. Their price point is moderate to mid high it just depends on how may stories you want to tell.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Fashion Mania
A Canadian company that is crazy about prints. Their tops and Dresses are so much fun. All styles can be worn from 9-5.
Sizes XS to XXXL.
Pricing for made in Canada is in the mid range

Frank Lyman
A Canadian supplier that sells everything from casual to career, cruise ship, date night or to that special occasion. Every time a client tries on a piece from his collection we hear "OHHH FRANK". YES, HE KNOWS A WOMAN'S BODY!! The price point on Frank is the mid high range but once you try some of his pieces on you will understand why. He is also proud to produce his collection in CANADA.
Sizes 2-24.

Group YNA and Apricot
A trending and hip company that makes everything from denim dresses to rompers. Their casual wear is always in style and is seen on popular television shows and in the movies. Comfort is key with Apricot. Prices are fair for these stylish looks.
Sizes XS to XL.

One of the most reputable importers in all of Canada. They seek out jaw dropping styles from all over the world. When going out for lunch with the girls or wearing their comfortable styles to work, all eyes will be on you. It sounds impossible but itís true. You can be comfortable and still look amazing. Pricing is mid-range.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Jessy Fashions
Casual and career wear is what this line boasts. They even have simple guest of a wedding summer dresses. Cottons and linens for summer with beautiful fabrications for fall and winter. Pricing is very good with this supplier.
Sizes S to XXL.

Proudly Canadian. This brilliant company really knows fabrication. Beautiful stretch cottons are perfect for any body shape. Most of their lovely dresses even come with matching jackets (blazers). You can tell this company loves creating. Every piece is like a masterpiece. Worth every penny...or should I say nickel now!!!
Sizes 2-18.

Joseph Ribkoff
Made in Canada, the name speaks for itself. Travel wear and fashion at its finest. Have been hearing for over 20 years now that Ribkoff is worth the price. Also have been seeing for 20 years woman still wearing their pieces they have purchased from him. Once you wear Ribkoff you never go back to another line again. His clothing can be worn every day or to work, out for lunch or on a boat, out for dinner or to a wedding. So much to choose from that you will want it all!
Sizes 2-22.

La Donna
Casual and career clothing imported from L.A. Their styles change every week depending on the current trends. Their prices cannot be beat!
Sizes XS to XL.

Lily Moss
A small based Blouse company based in Montreal. They sell Linen and Cotton button down blouses. All machine washable and offered in a variety of colors. Pricing is at market value.
Sizes S to XL.

Level 33
This supplier goes to L.A. for me in the seasons when I can't go and Michael brings back the latest trends. These are perfect for those young adults and women who have a small frame. The pricing rocks just like the clothing. Can buy a whole outfit for under $80.00.
Sizes XS to M.

Louida International
A traditional based company. Their tops and dresses are more conservative than most suppliers. Their styles are for the simple women who don't like any *add ons*. Pricing is very affordable Tops under 50$ dresses under 100$.
Sizes S to XXL.

Maple Moda
Youthful contemporary casual fashions right out of the magazines, there is a BUT... you will smile when you see the prices starting at $29.99! This company likes to keep their styles secret so they don't have a website. Their fits are a smaller make.
Sizes XS to XL.

Marble Clothing
Made in the UK, these cotton knits and sweaters are for all seasons. This is a higher priced company due to where they are made and the high quality fabrics they use to design their garments.
Sizes S to XL.

A truly Canadian sizing that can be worn everywhere. These pieces are great to wear every day, to the office and even to low key weddings. Always full of color and full of life! The prices are fair.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Millenium Group
Provides a wide range of different labels from young and hip to today's casual woman and even grad dresses. Prices vary from moderate to mid high.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Modes Crystal Fashions
This Montreal based company is proud to say all of their items are manufactured in Canada. We buy this ruched cami/shell by the 100's. It literally gives you that girlish figure again and hides ALL sins. They make the most wonderful shells and boleros to fit any style dress. Their short dresses can be worn to work or out for an evening. Their prices are such a steal considering everything is made in Montreal. We challenge you to try one on today since they can be worn to every occasion.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Modes Gitane
Sundresses and playful dresses the can be worn for work and for play. The Dresses are also great for destination weddings and events and also garden or barn weddings. Made in Canada and all under 100$.
Sizes XS to 3XL.

Neon Buddha
Neon Budda is lifestyle clothing made for travel, home, work or yoga. Their pieces are crafted from 100% preshrunk cotton blends and are funky fab.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Nu Look
All Women have at least one or two tricks up their sleeve. We too at EB Clothing save some secrets. When Visiting New York, L.A., Vegas, Toronto and Montreal we bring back goodies with us right off the racks from the distributors.
Size S to XXL.

Orange or Fashion Village
If you are not familiar with their wonderful casual pieces, you need to try them. Their tops, tunics and sweaters are light weight and ohhh so comfortable. They are also light weight on your wallet. This is a line of clothing that you can't just buy 1 piece. Once this line arrives in the store, they usually sell right out of the box. Most don't even get to see them hanging in the store. Don't worry ladies we always order more.
Sizes S to Plus.

Papa Fashions
Papa Fashions is a company who loves working with cotton and color. The fit for their casual and career pieces are generous and feels like you are wearing nothing. People always come back for more once you make your first purchase. Pricing is affordable with tops starting at $39.99.
Sizing XS to XXXL.

Papillon is like the butterfly... full of colour. They even sell dresses. They also carry tops and tunics as well as bamboo clothing. This company loves comfort. Pricing is comparable and affordable.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Point Zero
This well priced and well known line carries both casual and career wear. They have expanded and are now making comfortable casual dresses.
Sizes XS to XXL.

All of these sweaters are hand knit and are made from 100% cotton. This sweater company has so many colors and styles to choose from. They make light weight styles for spring and comfy winter styles to choose from. Being stylish and comfy is something you rarely hear, but it's true. These sweaters are made with love and are just over $100.00 but are definitely worth every penny!
Sizes XS to XL.

Quantum Apparel Group
A Canadian Based Company that makes such amazing separates. Linens and Cottons and mix blended fabrics. This Company makes sophistication a fun thing. All their classic pieces can be worn for work and for play. Pricing is market value.
Sizes S to XXL.

Red Coral
A well-known clothing line that carries a variety of beautiful accessories. This is a brand that walks right out the door. Easy breezy styles and matching necklaces. There is a reason why it does not stay in the store and it has to do with their truly affordable prices. You do not need to empty your wallet for some terrific key pieces for a wardrobe. Their fit is true to size.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Smashed Lemon
They are known for their remarkable prints, perfect fit and the strong price point. Their collection has dresses, skirts, blazers, tops, jackets, and everything else in between. Smashed Lemon can be worn to work, play or to any special occasion. Their dresses are great for low key or garden weddings. You will love their flavorful lie and their yummy prices.
Sizes 34-46.

Soya Concept
These clothes are priced so well that they are almost free! Casual and career clothing that are designed with premium natural fabrics. It is like wearing nothing. This company loves working with a variety of colors.
Sizes XS to XXL.

Stella Carakasi
The vibe on the runway has a casual funky look with a European flare. This hard to describe line is best seen in person!
Sizes XS to XXL.

Tango Mango
Their fashion philosophy enables them to bring a Euro looking runway fashion theme at commercial prices to stores. Their tops and tees always have a funky logo on them and are fun to wear! The dresses are very comfortable and NEVER wrinkle.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Tribal Sportwear
This label does not need to be described and the pricing is always comparable with their styles and fabrications. They have even created an awesome denim line!
Sizes XS to XXL.

True Essence
Casual and career clothing made in CANADA and wrinkle free. Comparable prices for made in Canada pieces.
Sizes XS to Plus.

Yoga Jeans
The title speaks for themselves. They carry both jeans and capris.
Sizes 24 to Plus.